Saturday, September 01, 2012


From an article about Penn State in The New York Times today:
As Penn State prepared to open its season on Saturday against visiting Ohio, blue and white signs reading "Proud to support Penn State football" hung in the storefront windows of this college town. The signs were often juxtaposed with T-shirts redefining the N.C.A.A. as the National Communist Athletic Association, the "C" in Communist replaced with a hammer and sickle.
Oh, right -- not only is it bad to hold the university accountable for conspiring to cover up the actions of a serial child rapist, it's actually communist.

They should have burned the school to the ground and salted the earth.


BH said...

Yea, VERILY, amen. I'd add that to call this entity a "school" at all is starting to look like a perversion of the word. Despicable.

Victor said...

It's become a pretty good school in a variety of subjects.

They should have burned the football program to the ground and salted the earth.

And maybe the damn town, too.

You'd know if you ever drove through that feckin' sh*thole in the middle of PA Red State farm country.
Penn State is the only blue thing for hundreds of miles around.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

But, but, but...sports!

When did America lose its way? When did America forget that sports get a free pass?