Friday, September 07, 2012


Steve Benen notes that Senator Chuck Grassley is tweeting again:
In April, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) felt comfortable using his Twitter account to say he believes President Obama is "stupid." Today, the five-term Republican senator added some related thoughts.

Note that this is Grassley's official, verified account. It's not, in other words, some random 12-year-old tweeter or a Democrat hoping to make the Iowan look ridiculous. Unless his account was hacked -- and given Grassley's legendary propensity for saying dumb things on Twitter, that seems unlikely -- the senator actually published this, on purpose....
(Twitter isn't letting me embed right now, but the tweet is here.)

Steve posts many pictures of Grassley's preferred candidate for president, Mitt Romney, at or near a Teleprompter -- Romney uses one all the time.

I just want to add this: if Grassley is so allergic to the damn things, if he thinks they're the end of civilization as we know it, why is he standing before one at a McCain campaign rally in 2008?

I can't embed the C-SPAN video either, but go to the link -- it's at about 13:10.

I suppose Grassley would want me to point out that even though he's standing in front of a Teleprompter, and even though McCain and co-presenter Lindsay Graham may use the Teleprompter in the clip, he -- Chuck Grassley -- doesn't use it.

Instead, he reads his prepared remarks from some sort of manuscript -- typed pages? notecards? -- on the lectern before him.

Which is totally not like reading from a Teleprompter. So there!


BH said...

My version: "As Romney speaks notice he's an idiot not to use a TelePrompTer, since he says stupid shit unlike Obama".

PurpleGirl said...

Way back when, IBM had a typing ball for the Selectric called Orator. It was intended for speeches and related documents. When I was a reader at church, I would type my selection in Orator and read from that. It was a larger in size face and when you double spaced the lines you could hold the pages on the lecturn, read a line or two and then look up to say them. I also used the type face in one of temp jobs I had to prepare presentations for the attorney I worked for. But you ended up having 10 or 20 sheets of paper to play with. They are crazy in their false controversy of using a TelePrompTer.

Victor said...

The thought that in the future
a Black President might read from Teleprompters was why the plantation owners in the South were forbidden from teaching their N*ggers to read.

White men extermporize!

To all of you Republican "Good Ol' Boyz," without a Teleprompter, your sainted Ronnie Reagan was just a flesh and blood dummie in seach of his vantriloquist!

This isn't politics anymore, it's political theatre of the absurd!!!

Danp said...

They all belong in Santorum Prison.

Anonymous said...

>>White men extermporize!

Like Clint Eastwood did.

Uncle Mike said...

Romney didn't use a teleprompter? And he STILL sounded like a robot set on "DouchebagPlus?"

That's not a selling point.