Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Via Rumproast, I see that the latest insane notion taking root among right-wingers is this:

I watched the 911 remembrance twice today...

You’ve got to see this!

After the NYPD bagpipers bring out and unfurl what looks like a tattered US Flag, a choir sings the Star Spangled Banner, the camera pans over to Michele and Barack and you can actually see Michelle mouth what looks like the words:

“All that for a flag”…

Do you see that? For that matter, do you consider yourself qualified to offer any interpretation of what she said?

I don't think most right-wingers truly feel qualified to do expert lip-reading -- but that hasn't stopped The Washington Times, the American Thinker, almost-Senator Joe Miller of Alaska, Pam Geller, and a multitude of right-wingers online to spread the story, declaring that they really, really feel certain they can interpret her words, which clearly are "All that for a flag" or some variant (perhaps with a "fucking" thrown in before "flag," for good measure, because, y'know, that's just how that woman would talk at a 9/11 memorial ceremony, right?).

This is the GOP base. This is the heart of the modern Republican Party. This is the population Rick Perry will draw on for small donations and volunteer campaign work, on the way to his likely victory and at least four years as president. Kill one crackpot theory -- birtherism -- and they will breed a hundred more. And you'll never persuade them that what they believe is delusional.