Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is the kind of petty, childish, disrespectful deedthat would have gotten, say, Alan Grayson branded an embarrassment to his party and his district, if not a traitor to the U.S., if he'd tried it against President George W. Bush -- even Bush in the declining years of his second term. But look at the reaction of Republican-leaning bloggers: they're delighted that a congressman is harassing and humiliating the president:

Conservative Nabs Naming Rights to 'American Jobs Act' After Obama Delay

President Obama repeatedly asked members of Congress to pass the American Jobs Act last week. But when no Democrat filed Obama's bill after he presented it to Congress, a conservative congressman swiped the name for his own legislation.

The American Jobs Act introduced in the House of Representatives looks quite different from the version President Obama outlined in his speech to Congress. Instead of hiking taxes on working Americans to pay for another stimulus, Rep. Louie Gohmert's (R-TX) legislation offers a tax cut....

What's supposedly the greatest country in the world is now run by two parties, the Hang the President from a Locker Hook by His Underwear Party, and a party led by a guy who allows himself to be hung from his locker hook that way. We're doomed.