Sunday, September 04, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, when it was reported that Mitt Romney was greatly expanding the size of one of his houses, I wrote that he should boast about that, for the simple reason that he's running for the Republican presidential nomination, and Republican voters think wealth is a sign of virtue.

Well, here's a baby step in that direction -- a CNN clip that's been at Fox Nation for a couple of days:

Watch the clip here:

The guy who says Romney has created more jobs with his house than Obama has in three and a half years may be a scripted plant (my guess), which means the Romney people think this is a useful message, or he may be sincere, in which case we've got an insight into the wealth-as-virtue, rich-people-as-job-creators-by-definition mindset.

Either way, I think it's an ideal message for the Republican primaries. Hell, I think Romney should flaunt his wealth. I think he should try to use it to take on Rick Perry -- Hey, if you're such a great American patriot, why aren't you as rich as I am? Wouldn't you be stinking rich if you were really a great American? Wouldn't you be stinking rich if you really knew how to create jobs? That's the GOP philosophy, no?