Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(Updated with a dispatch from non-wingnut America)

That's probably skewed a bit by Ron Paul fans, who skew most online political polls in areas of their interest. But really -- 90.52%? Mitt, this is not going to be an effective line of attack for you in the Republican primaries.


UPDATE AT MIDDAY: By contrast, Public Policy Polling has a survey showing that America as a whole feels very, very differently:

Americans strongly disagree with the statements Rick Perry made about Social Security in last week's Republican Presidential debate, and Barack Obama has nearly doubled his lead over Perry nationally in the span of just 3 weeks....

In fact it appears that Perry's rhetoric on Social Security could already be causing him problems. When PPP did a national poll three weeks ago Barack Obama led Perry by only 6 points at 49-43. Now that gap has widened to 11 points at 52-41....

PPP notes that disagreement with this statement crosses party lines:

Only 20% of voters agree with Perry that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme to 70% who dissent from that statement. Democrats (4/87) and independents (20/69) are pretty universal in their disagreement with Perry and even Republicans (39/49) don't stand with him on this one.

Ah, but when you look at the crosstabs (PDF), you see that there's one group that does thing Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, by a 53%-33% margin: those who identify themselves as "very conservative."

Now, maybe you don't think these people will decide who gets to be the Republican presidential nominee. I think they're precisely the people who are going to decide. That's why I think Perry is still the front-runner, and will remain the front-runner unless wingnut voters can be persuaded that he's not really a wingnut.

(PPP poll via Memeorandum.)