Friday, September 16, 2011


Politico tells me that President Obama's approval rating among Jews has dropped to 55%, from 60% in June (40% now disapprove, up from 32%).

I look at those June numbers and I see that Obama's overall approval rating, according to an averaging of that month's Gallup tracking polls, was 46%.

I look at his current overall number (admittedly, just one day's numbers, so not an exact comparison) and he's at 39%.

So, to sum up: he's gone from 60% approval to 55% approval among Jews -- a 5-point drop.
He's gone from 46% approval to 39% approval among the general population -- a 7-point drop.

Why am I supposed to conclude from this that he has specifically upset Jews, or upset them on Jewish issues? He's in a bad way in general. His approval rating is dropping across the board, presumably because of issues that affect people across the board. It looks as if his numbers are going down less among Jews.

Obama has public opinion problems. I need more evidence before I'll conclude that he has a specifically Jewish problem.