Monday, September 05, 2011


From Avedon Carol at Atrios's place:

If Obama wins the election, he has to spend four more years pretending to lead the country.

But if Obama loses, he gets to make speeches to rich people for a pile of money and maybe join the Carlyle Group or one of those other things that you get as a reward for making sure that no one saves your national economy.

So, if you're Obama, do you really
want to win the next election?

If the answer is "No," his policies make a lot more sense.

So, um, what? He's going to spend the next sixteen months storming around the country running for reelection in order to lose deliberately, while simultaneously doing the job of president, which is also tiring and time-consuming? He's going to do all this rather than just, y'know, declining to run, a la LBJ?

I have problems with Obama, too, but this theory strikes me as a wee bit screwy.