Sunday, May 01, 2011


At the White House Correspondents dinner, President Obama and Seth Myers gave Donald Trump the comic thrashing he deserves -- and the response of right-wing apparatchik Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit? Almost as laughable as Trump himself:

Boorish Obama Attacks Trump Repeatedly at Media Dinner While He Is Sitting in the Room.

Look, Jim, I know you righties do surprisingly well in this country with phony moralizing and faux righteous indignation. I know there's an unsettlingly large audience willing to nod in agreement when you complain about awful liberal meanies who aren't sufficiently nice to delicate flowers such as Sarah Palin and BP.

But Donald Trump?

No, Jim -- you look ridiculous trying to argue that a few well-placed zingers were an unfair attack directed at the biggest lout on the planet. Whose tender, bruised feelings are you going to defend next? Fred Phelps? Bobby Knight?

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