Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is why:

"Yes We Cain" -- wow. See, the wingers think we white Obama supporters are conceded to have taken the moral high ground after 2008 because our presidential vote broke a racial barrier -- and it's killing them. They think they've cornered the market on morality. They think we're the racists because the Democratic Party was the party of Southern racism a long time ago, and because (as they love to put it) we "keep blacks on the liberal plantation," and yet, despite the fact that it's so obvious to them that they're the more racially enlightened ones, they know they can't get the rest of the country to understand how enlightened they are until they vote for a black person for high office. Dammit, they want an Obama of their own!

So I suspect Charles Krauthammer is wrong when he says in this clip that Cain's "candidacy is for entertainment" only. Tucker Carlson is right when says that "Herman Cain is probably the most conservative person running" (he's certainly the guy who wants to have no enemies on the right -- throw him a wingnut litmus test and he'll pass it). I think Carlson's also basically right when he says, "Republicans love Herman Cain" -- I think the truth is that they love themselves for liking him.

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