Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Remember Al Franken's explanation of why the right-wingers were succeeding with their attacks on the Obama health care bill?

"The opponents of reform have found their bumper sticker, their slogan, their rallying cry, it's one word: No. You can read that on a bumper," said Franken. "Our bumper sticker has -- it's just way too many words. And it says, 'Continued on next bumper sticker.'"

It was true. It's true on a lot of issues -- on issue after issue, Democrats and/or liberals have a plan that would be smart and effective, but the Republicans have a plan that's simple, compelling ... and wrong. And so Republicans win.

But this time, we have the bumper sticker, the slogan, the rallying cry -- the plan -- and it's one word: Medicare.

What do the Republicans have? Well, this is a video Paul Ryan just released. What do you see?

I see a guy whose bumper sticker says, "Continued on next bumper sticker."

Sorry, Paul -- it's not going to work.

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