Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Spotted at Econbrowser:

The decision to raise the debt ceiling will be the first test of whether the Republicans can move from tree shaking to jelly making.

Some, like Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), don't seem particularly keen on making jelly just yet, declaring
Raising the debt ceiling to me is absolutely irresponsible.

That would be Mike Kelly of Butler, Pennsylvania -- car dealer and tea party rookie congressman -- speaking on Sunday chat TV a few days ago. He also said things like this:

"... I'm, kind of, interested in seeing when you get into a situation where, really, it's not your money. You can spend anything you want. Just throw the charge card out...."

And this:

"... raising the debt ceiling to me is absolutely irresponsible. We've been spending money for so long that we don't have and keep saying, well, it's OK; we'll just raise taxes; we'll find it somewhere...."

So Kelly believes people who've been irresponsible with borrowed money shouldn't borrow any more. Not government officials. Not businesspeople.

People who are customers of his business? Now, that's a different story. Click to enlarge:

So Mike Kelly is against irresponsible borrowing. Unless you've been an irresponsible borrower ... and you want to buy a Mike Kelly car.

Right. Got it.

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