Friday, January 28, 2011


Right-wingers are having a lovely chuckle over news that Joe Biden has said that Hosni Mubarak isn't a dictator -- but really, how long can it be before the righties decide that all this anti-government activity isn't tea party-esque at all, but is actually a very, very evil thing?

As The New York Times reports, a driving force behind the recent series of revolts is the demonic Al Jazeera. A hero of the Egyptian protesters is the despised former Iraq nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei (or as Hot Air refers to him, adding an additional charge, "Iranian nuclear apologist Mohamed ElBaradei"). Can the Dennis Miller jokes be far behind? Is it going to get all 2003 in here?

I suppose the spin is going to be that the revolutions were good, but the outcomes (if change happens and isn't to the righties' liking) are bad, and it's all Obama's fault. The subtext of that will be that any leader who falls should be replaced by someone who (as the saying goes) is a sonofabitch, but is our sonofabitch. Of course, that's been our Middle Eastern policy in many countries for a good long while now, and we're seeing the results. But any outcome the right doesn't like will all be laid at Obama's feet, won't it?

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