Friday, January 28, 2011


Jay Carney, as you probably know, has been named White House press secretary. Here's a summary of his career so far:

OCCUPATION: Incoming White House press secretary. Currently communications director for Vice President Joe Biden, since January 2009.

CAREER: Time magazine Washington bureau chief, 2005-2008; Time assistant bureau chief in Washington, 2003-2005; Time reporter in Washington, 1993-2003; Time reporter in Moscow, 1990-1993; Time Miami bureau chief, 1989-90; Reporter for Miami Herald, 1987-1988.

Now, here's Fox Nation's spin:

I speak wingnut, so I'll translate: new press secretary for commie president used to report in a commie country for a commie magazine.

Not all the commenters respond on cue, but many hear the Pavlov bell ("This guy was in Russia, so he will fit in fine with the Socialist/Communists in the White House and on the Liberal media"; "HOW MANY COMMIES CAN YOU PUT IN ONE WHITEHOUSE?").

The ultimate insult, years ago, was "liberal," then that was replace by "socialist," then Glenn Beck took that to another level. And clearly, at Fox, it's not just Beck. I wonder how soon this line of thinking will show up in the GOP Congress -- I wouldn't be surprised to see hearings on Marxist-Leninist infiltration into the White House.

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