Saturday, January 15, 2011


Fox Nation and Glenn Beck's Blaze are highlighting Rush Limbaugh's claim that the White House had to be the driving force behind the distribution of T-shirts at the Tucson memorial service because the phrase "Together We Thrive" once appeared on the Obama campaign Web site. There are clips of Limbaugh making this claim at both of the above links; here's a transcript from Limbaugh's Web site.

In fact, this phrase appeared in one (1) blog post from a Texas Obama supporter named John Berry IV. Heard of him? Me either. Ever read his posts? No, neither did I.

Really, Rush -- you think Mr. Berry coined this phrase? You think it's a campaign slogan?

Well, you're not completely off base -- it has been a campaign slogan. In fact, it became the campaign slogan for the La Capitol Federal Credit Union in Louisiana a couple of years ago.

That was in 2008. Might have been stolen by Mr. Berry that year? Well, does he have a time machine? Because in 2004, "Together We Thrive" was the name of online empowerment groups run by Seattle's Center for Spiritual Living.

"Together We Thrive" is also the slogan of the London Community Resource Centre, a community gardening group in Ontario. It's a slogan used by this maker of Judaica magnets and prints since 2009. It was the slogan of a program developed by a church in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, in 2008.

Oh, and sixteen years ago, a Chamber of Commerce branch in Missouri began a membership drive called "Working Together, We Thrive in '95."

Know what town that Chamber branch was in?

Cape Girardeau. Limbaugh's hometown.

Busted, Rush.

And yet this "fact" will become gospel on the right, won't it?

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