Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Lead story earlier this morning (and still one of the top stories) at The Blaze, Glenn Beck's discussion site:

Yup, this is what Glenn thinks should be the next big scandal Shave-Ice-Gate! The Obamas give their kids the occasional treat! On vacation!

Well, we know that Glenn shares Sarah Palin's disdain for Michelle Obama's nutrition talk; apparently the recent criticism of Palin by right-wing commentators isn't scaring Back off. But if you go into the Blaze discussion thread, you'll see that a lot of readers miss Beck's point -- they'd rather proclaim that the president is an illegal alien ("So did they show their Green Card?"), or grumble about the fact that he's on vacation at all, or complain that (according to the quoted AP story) he paid for the shave ice with a $100 bill, or, bizarrely, that he was wearing a White Sox cap:

White Sox?
A few years ago I was in the carib islands working. as a 'local' i realized there is much hatred for whites in the poorer areas. I also noticed some wore 'white sox' t-shirts. You can figure this out pretty fast if you listen to their accents. Could Obama be thinking he's getting away subtle message to the public?

Yup -- the president's home is in Chicago, but he wears a White Sox cap because he hates white people. And there's more like that:

Do you see the girl in the photograph? Look at that photograph. Look closely for Christ’s sake! What do you see? Come on, what do you see?! What kind of President do we have? What the heck is happening to our country? Is everyone blind? This "girl" is eating a snow cone. Have we, as a country, become blind?


The picture would have been worth a thousand words of the little Obama girl had been holding a watermelon instead of a snow cone. Ha. Oh, I'm sorry. Is that a racist statement ? ...


Wees will makes that evil rich whities pay for that million dollar shave ice...taint that funny....


... I am so sick of his blue lips and idiot smirk, wish someone would slap it off his face! 2012 can’t get here soon enough, so that we can rid ourselves of this Ba$tard Kenyan Child! ...


A dozen friends -- hell I didn't know there were that many NIZZLES on the island. They must have flown in with King and Queen OBOZZO. BTW -- the kids hair looks as it does because they left the CRISCO in the hotel....

C'mon, Glenn. You make $32 million a year -- you can't hire some 22-year-old to delete comments like this from your site?

After a few comments like this, it's almost gratifying to find a commenter who merely despises Obama's policies:

Hey! That’s just how Black hair reacts to a high moisture content in the air. I'm not Black (that I know of), but my hair does the same thing.

Leave the child alone -- she has enough problems with having Barack as her Daddy.

Meanwhile, to address what (apparently) was the Beck site's point, shave ice is, after all, just ice and syrup; as far as I can tell, a typical serving has about 220 calories. The Obamas get their shave ice at Island Snow in Kailua, which does add some ice cream at the bottom of the cone, so, yeah, this may not be the healthiest treat. But it's a treat. They were on vacation. The point is that the kids don't eat like this every day.

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