Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My hunch is that this McChrystal hoo-ha is going to result in pretty much nothing beyond what we've already had, namely the resignation of McChrystal's press aide. Oh, the blatherers will blather for days. And there'll probably be a resignation or two (Eikenberry?) after a decent interval. But it certainly doesn't seem like Obama's style to fire someone for insubordination (or for any other reason). The Afghan war is the one major issue facing Obama on which he's found an approach that relieves him of relentless harassment from the wingnuts, so he's going to want to get back to the status quo ante as quickly as possible. And he seems to have a limitless capacity for hope when it comes to trying to work with people who are implacably hostile to him (e.g., all congressional Republicans). So I think he's going to try to restore relations with McChrystal and paper this over.

And, of course, this story isn't going to be the oil spill -- it's not going to get any oxygen from the public, which regards the wars as permanent annoying facts of life and thinks about them as little as possible.

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