Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm not surprised to see Fox News running its nine thousand editorial bemoaning Barack Obama's "apologies" and alleged lack of patriotism, but this one, by Liz Peek, is especially delightful because she essentially declares objectively reality to be unknowable -- an interesting stance for someone at, you know, an alleged news organization:

Does Obama Love the USA?

Today is Flag Day, a holiday that celebrates the adoption of our nation's standard by the Second Continental Congress in 1777. Ironically, there is currently an e-mail circulating the Internet that contrasts a press conference held by President Obama with those of several of his predecessors, including George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. The difference? The former presidents stand surrounded by big, beautiful American flags; President Obama is flag-less. Not a single Old Glory festoons his podium.

It is impossible to know if this photo is genuine. It could well be that, like so many things on the Internet, the photo has been cropped, or the event is not really a press conference. That is, however, beside the point. The picture may be false, but the message will ring true to many Americans, who have come to doubt President Obama's patriotism....

It does appear, from video and photos of the May 27 press conference, that there weren't any flags visible. However, Snopes has posted the e-mail -- and if you look at the response, you'll see photos of press conference involving Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, and LBJ at which there were also no flags in sight. (And I don't see any flags in this picture of a Bush press conference.)

Verify the e-mail? Verify the history? What do you think we do around here -- news?


And then there's this from Fox Nation:

Yes, Fox Nation went to the White House blog and found this picture of a Saturday meeting in the Oval Office on the oil spill:

Y'know, the last president and his top adviser horrifically botched two wars, napped through the destruction of the global economy, and, incidentally, danced like idiots in public:

But by gum, they never besmirrched the sacred Oval Office by wearing a hat! (As far as we know.)

Someday, if there's a terrorist attack on the Obama White House, we know the Republicans will try to use it as a reason to terminate his presidency, but I hope the hell he's wearing a jacket and tie, because they're going to try to impweach him not only for being the target of a terrorist attack but for not dressing appropriately for it.

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