Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I said earlier in the day that Rupert Murdoch's more fevered outlets, Fox Nation and the New York Post, seem to be downplaying the flotilla incident. Well, the Post is still going light on the story, though there is a Ralph Peters op-ed, "Turkish (Blood)bath" and the lead thread at Fox Nation gathers together that op-ed, some Fox News reporting, and chatter from Kristol and Krauthammer.

But in addition to that, there's this at Fox Nation -- and I suppose we should have seen it coming:

Yup -- we're playing six degrees of Barack Obama again. (We'll ignore the fact that Code Pink is demanding a condemnation of the attack from the White House, which isn't going to happen, and Ayers is no fan of Obama's foreign policy. And yes, the Code Pink woman was an Obama bundler in 2008, but my only reply to that is: She raised money for Obama and then learned he was to the right of her once he was in office? Not exactly a unique story.)

Fox Nation's thread links a story from World Net Daily. And I see that Glenn Beck cited this WND story on the radio today as well.

Ultimately, for the right, Palestinian activists and other foreign objects of hate (up to and including terrorists such as Osama bin Laden) are just proxies for the real enemy: American lefties, liberals and moderates. I'm sure Murdoch and Ailes are relieved that the focus is back where it belongs.

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