Friday, June 25, 2010


Steven Lonegan, a low-taxer who lost to Chris Christie in the 2009 GOP gubernatorial primary in New Jersey, says Limbaugh is wrong and Christie isn't all that:

RUSH Limbaugh is singing the praises of Governor Christie's budget. National pundits talk of "spending cuts." Some enthusiasts have gone as far as starting a "Christie for President" chant.

... Sweep away the bluster and the attitude, and behind it all is the largest property tax hike New Jersey has ever seen.

... Underneath the hype that cocoons Christie’s budget is the fact that it grows state government by more than 6 percent – more than double the proposed 2.5 percent cap on local governments.

Beyond the rhetoric of phantom "spending cuts" is the fact that there are no layoffs in the bloated government payroll that exploded under the direction of Govs. Christie Whitman, James McGreevy and Jon Corzine. Every entitlement program is not just in place, but expanded. Property tax relief to suburban and rural taxpayers is reduced by an astonishing $2.56 billion.

... Under this budget, state government grows at three times the rate of inflation. No departments are eliminated. No departments are consolidated....

If this is accurate, then Christie is truly Reaganesque -- he's figured out a way to be praised to the skies as a government-slasher and without actually doing any slashing.

Now I guess all he needs to do is replace that Joe Pesci attitude with a merry little twinkle in his eye and he really can be president.

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