Saturday, June 12, 2010


Much like the Olympics, the Right Wing Noise Machine sees the FIFA World Cup in South Africa as something to despise, hate, and otherwise ignore as an event "Real Americans" don't tolerate.  Glennsanity:
"It doesn't matter how you try to sell it to us, it doesn't matter how many celebrities you get, it doesn't matter how many bars open early, it doesn't matter how many beer commercials they run, we don't want the World Cup, we don't like the World Cup, we don't like soccer, we want nothing to do with it." 
G. Gordon Liddy throws in too:
Whatever happened to American exceptionalism?" Liddy noted that "this game ... originated with the South American Indians and instead of a ball, they used to use the head, the decapitated head, of an enemy warrior."
Which is funny, because I hear that whole decapitated head thing is how basketball got started, not soccer.  Oh wait, that's increasingly becoming a "not a Real American" sport either, along with football and baseball.  Add World Cup soccer fans to the growing list of people who aren't Real Americans.  Funny how that list keeps growing larger and larger seemingly every day as those team sports become more and more racially and ethnically diverse...increasingly at the ownership level, and that's really got the Wingers pissed off.

But that's how it works.  Constantly redefine what's allowable and what's not, separate us from the rest of the world through the rah-rah protectionist policies of "American exceptionalism" and declare since the USA have never won the World Cup, it simply doesn't matter.  It's a sport played by Socialist weirdos, third-world hellholes and Evil Brown People, so into the Other pile you World Cup fans go.

Sports is just American dominance waged on a different battlefield to them.  Except for the sports that don't matter, like soccer.  I mean North Korea and Mexico are in it.  It must be eeeeeeeeevil New World Order stuff, right?

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