Sunday, June 13, 2010


I see that sometime on Thursday George W. Bush posted something he calls his "Inaugural Address" on Facebook:

It was innocuous. ("Thanks for tuning in to my inaugural address -- on Facebook. I've been touched by the outpouring of interest. I am pleased to report that Laura and I are happy, healthy and home here in the great state of Texas -- or as I call it, the Promised Land...." The rest of the transcript is here.) It got very little blog attention, even on the right -- the hip stance toward Bush in the right blogosphere, of course, is that, while he valiantly led us in a war against Evil, he was a terrible tax-and-spender (something righty bloggers all noticed only after the GOP started losing elections, and not a second earlier).

And yet Fox Nation, which is part of the media empire that knows the wingnut rank-and-file better than anyone else, has Bush's video as the lead story right now (and I think that may have been true all weekend, given the fact that Fox Nation generally doesn't update its homepage over weekends):

Which means the Fox Nation people think Bush may be yesterday's man among fashion-forward righties, but he's still the bee's knees to the rabble.

And the earliest comments posted at the FN thread sure bear that out:

Just a Dad wondering where America went?


I recall the mean-spirited critics who ridiculed the way President Bush spoke and ridiculed his "cowboy" mentality. I'll take the slow-talking President who loves America over the a**-kicking, fast-talking Chicago politician any day.


President Bush will go down as one of the best presidents. Wait and see!


Mr. President please come back!
Under his leadership everyone drove a truck, owed or rented a home, we had food on the table, business went good

And on the Facebook page itself, in among some snark, the same thing:

I almost forgot what it was like to hear a dignified, Presidential sounding communication. Hard to believe it has only been about two years, seems like forever since I felt confident in the White House leadership.


I miss you.I felt safe when you where in charge.I am not sleeping so well any more...!


God Bless You TOO Mr. President. You are still my President!! Miss you!!


Thank you for your service. History will see you for the great man that you are.


We love and miss you and Laura in WV and "NO One" can replace you...holding out for that next republican to take back the White House.....


Always proud of you Mr. President. God Bless our America. A fellow Texan.

I used to think the publisher of Bush's memoir (which is a Random House imprint, not a Murdoch imprint) agreed to publish it a week after Election Day 2010 in part as a favor to the GOP, in order to keep Bush away from the media as the electorate was preparing to vote. I still think that's part of the thinking behind the book's November 9 release date -- Bush is still wildly unpopular among the general public -- but now I think the biggest problem for the GOP if there were a Bush book tour during the campaign wouldn't be Bush popping up everywhere and reminding us of what a sorry president he was but old-fashioned base Republicans actually responding to him with adulation. I think there'd be small but passionate crowds mobbing him as if he were still a bit of a rock star (for them it's always the Friday after 9/11 and, well, he still is a rock star, with a bullhorn as a guitar). A lot of these people would show up in tea party T-shirts and Sarah Palin regalia. The back-to-the-future message would be obvious.

Well, that won't happen. I fear big wins by the GOP on November 2 -- and if I'm right, a week later we'll see Bush on the Today show and GMA and Larry King, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he's asked about the midterm results, and I hope America will realize, if only too late, what it's done to itself.

Oh, and by the way: how furious would right-wingers be if an ex-Democratic president dared to call an online post, even in jest, an "inaugural address"? Oh, sorry, I forgot: Republicans are always the legitimate presidents, no matter who actually won the last electin.

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