Monday, June 07, 2010


I've stayed away from the whole Helen Thomas controversy because as far as I'm concerned, an 89-year old woman still working on the job gets to cash in a mulligan once in a while.  Yes, it was a pretty horrible thing to say.  Yes, worse things have been said.  But you know what?  She actually asked some pretty pointed questions of all the administrations she covered.  Here she is last week smacking around Robert Gibbs.

Sadly, the entire Village threw her under the bus, both left and right.  Familiarity breeds contempt, and given the gaffe, the wingers and the Village kicked her out of the cool kids club after she showed them up for the last several decades as Thomas announced her retirement here this afternoon.

Even the White House piled on her.  She apologized for her comments, which is more than El Rushbo or Glenn Beck ever did for their "controversial comments" but she's out of a job now after five decades, unlike those two clowns.

And well, she's gone now.  Great work, the Village.  You finally got rid of the old bat, right?  You stopped the source of cooties after all these years.  Good luck filling her chair, any of you in the WHPC.  None of you are worthy, frankly.

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