Monday, September 01, 2008


I don't have much to add to the ABC report that Sarah Palin was once a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which seeks a vote allowing Alaska to secede from the United States (remember, she and John McCain are using the slogan "Country First"), but I will note that, as Freepers are pointing out, the AKIP this year has endorsed the presidential candidacy of Chuck Baldwin, who seems to be sympathetic to the 9/11 truthers, having said,

I don't know whether there was any kind of an inside apparatus involved in this or not... If there's duplicity involved in some kind of conspiracy, then let's find out who it is and prosecute whoever's involved.

Baldwin, a Ron Paul fan, also believes that there is a conspiracy to create a "North American Union" with a common currency across national borders and a "NAFTA superhighway," a belief he shares with Jerome Corsi, the author of Obama Nation and Unfit for Command (Corsi has endorsed Baldwin).

Baldwin also thinks women should be banned from the military.

Mark Kleiman has more on the party (whose founder, Joe Vogler, said, "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions"), and has YouTube video of Palin's perky message of greeting to this year's AKIP convention.


MORE FROM JOE VOGLER: From audio clip #18 on this page ("why he considers himself an Alaskan rather than an American"):

You get to thinking: Why the hell do I owe them anything? And they you get mad and you say the hell with them, and you renounce allegiance and you pledge your efforts, your effects, your honor, your life to Alaska. That's how I do. I'm an Alaskan, see, and they know it. I've told them so to go to hell in every way I can in a nice way. I took a case to the Supreme Court believing in the Supreme Court, and I'd rather be tried in a whorehouse with a madam as the judge, there's more justice. And if they don't like it, they know where they can go. I tried it -- I believed in my country, I believed in the court system, and it stinks.

He also once proposed that glaciers blocking a road to Juneau should be nuked ("There's gold beneath them").

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