Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is on the front page of the print New York Times today, top left corner, well above the fold. Please read it (click to enlarge):

Yeah -- that's how the Times shows the deep abiding love for Obama and hatred for McCain that Steve Schmidt was complaining about yesterday.

Shorter New York Times:

McCain is the guy on the right; Obama is the guy on the left.

The full stories are no better. The Obama article is here, and it's 29 paragraphs of almost unrelieved negativity. I'll edit it down for you:

uneven ... vulnerabilities ... a tendency to overintellectualize and to lecture ... disdain ... earnest and humorless ... shaky start ... never really mastered the form ... rambling ... on the defensive ... coldly ... exasperated ... testy ... an upstart with no record to run on ... aloofness and windiness ...

Go read it and see if I'm distorting the tone of the piece. I'll wait.

Meanwhile, here's an edit of the companion article about McCain:

scrappy combatant ... instincts of a fighter pilot ... willing to take risks ... aggressive competitor ... grins when he scores ... handy with the rhetorical shiv ... comfortable and authentic when the subject is foreign policy ... Voters give higher marks to Mr. McCain as a potential commander in chief ... triumphantly ... The audience roared with approval and rose to its feet for an extended ovation ... overwhelming display of affirmation ... flair ... short, active verbs that project strength ... connect with audiences on a visceral level ... vivid ... relishes direct confrontation... righteous fury ...

There's some negativity in the McCain piece, but basically it's a marriage proposal.

Oh, but the McCain people will say that the evil, sinister, in-the-tank Times is just trying to help Obama lower expectations.

Somehow, though, I doubt that's what they'd say if the analysis of McCain were unremittingly awful and Obama got a glowing review.

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