Sunday, September 28, 2008


In the last post, I mentioned the story from The Sunday Times of London about a possible wedding for Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, timed to occur just before the election. I don't know if it's really going to happen, but if it does, I think I know when we'll hear more about it.


Yup -- if it happens, I think the announcement will come right before the VP debate.

Perfect, right? It'll be just like McCain's alleged shutdown of his campaign -- Team McCain will time it to steal the headlines from what's expected to be an embarrassing Palin TV appearance.

And maybe the campaign hopes that Palin will be asked about the wedding at the debate -- a question that will eat up a few precious minutes that could otherwise be devoted to subject areas Palin can't really handle. (At the very least, there'll be the hope that it will seem rude for Joe Biden or Gwen Ifill to be too tough on the mother of the bride.)

Just a hunch....

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