Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's what GOP congressman Joe Barton said about expansion of the S-CHIP program in October 2007:

The House of Representatives passed a new bill expanding a popular children's health insurance program Thursday -- despite Republican complaints....

... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats were "very pleased with what happened today."

...Democratic leaders said the new version addresses Republican objections by tightening restrictions on illegal immigrants receiving SCHIP benefits; capping the income levels of families that qualify for the program; and preventing adults from receiving benefits.

... But Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, compared the changes to "putting lipstick on a pig."

"It may a be a good pig. It may be a nice pig. It might be intended to be the right kind of pig," said Barton, the ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. "But it's still a pig."

Why hasn't Joe Barton apologized for this vile, disgusting sexist insult of Nancy Pelosi?

And of all mothers who rely on S-CHIP for their children?

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