Thursday, September 25, 2008


I see that Sarah Palin, playing Britney Spears to Hillary's Madonna, or Lenny Kravitz to her Hendrix, is going to watch tomorrow night's debate (if there is one) at an Irish pub in Philadelphia called, um, the Irish Pub.

The optics aren't perfect -- old-school beer-and-a-shot establishments generally don't serve Magic Hat on draft, and the "fresh garden & baby greens" mentioned on the salad menu could conceivably include arugula -- but I'm sure it will read reasonably well on TV.

I'm assuming the McCain campaign isn't springing for the private party spread that includes raw veggies. I'm also sure that if you decide to take a swig tomorrow night every time Governor Heartbeat makes a joke about the burger menu's absence of moose, they'll have to carry you home on a stretcher.


By the way, Bronko's, the pizza place in Indiana where Hillary had her famous beer and a shot, apparently (unlike the Irish Pub) doesn't even have its own Web site. Now, that's old school.

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