Friday, August 15, 2008


Apparently, on the right, it's Backwards Week with regard to capitalism. First we had The American Spectator's Robert Stacy McCain predicting with a sneer that John McCain's campaign would be sued by Jackson Browne for unauthorized use of a song not because Browne is the rightful owner of his own intellectual property, and thus has every right to sue, but because Browne "is a liberal." And now we have this, from former Quayle and Santorum speechwriter Lisa Schiffren, at National Review's Corner:

... As it happens, most of the counterfeit purses, sunglasses, and some other shlock [hawked on the streets of New York] are sold by West Africans, most of whom are here illegally. In recent days, around the city I have noticed a new addition to their wares: rows of baseball caps with an "Obama" logo. No McCain caps -- ever. If you ask, they laugh in a none too friendly way. It's not that I don't get it. But you would think that some of these children of God would carry "McCain" caps or t-shirts, if not in recognition of his support for them, then merely because some people might buy them. Market principles dictate that. And you would be wrong.

You would also think a right-winger would treat as sacrosanct a small-business person's decision to sell -- or not sell -- whatever the hell goods he or she wants to sell, for any reason whatsoever. You'd think questioning such a choice would make Milton Friedman roll over in his grave, particularly at a flagship media organ of the pro-capitalist right.

And you would be wrong.

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