Monday, August 11, 2008


Uh-oh -- be warned: the righties are bringing out the heavy wit atillery now. Here's something I found this afternoon at the Sean Hannity discussion boards. It's a recipe for -- hope you're sitting down -- "Obama's Anti-American Pie." Har-de-har-har! Hold on to your funny bones, people!


6 "G.D. America" Wright Apples
(Be sure to "cut the hearts out")
3/4 cup "America is Mean" Sugar
1/2 tsp. "No Flag Pin "Senti" mmon
1 Dash of "No Salute to the Flag" salt
1/4 tsp. Bomber Aire's "Nut" meg
1 stick "For Twenty Years, I Didn't Know" Butter
( Be sure to use "Remove the Flag From" Plane Flour
Combine first 6 ingredients and put in pie tin with "empty shell"
"Attempt" to cover with "Plenty of Dough"

Bake in "180* Turn Around Oven" until November 4th

Critic's Warning:

This "Hot Item" looks really yummy when taken immediately from the oven, but after cooling, it quickly becomes bad and is guaranteed to turn your stomach against this country!


Please, no mockery. I know, I know: "No Flag Pin "Senti" mmon is rather, um, cryptic. But remember: proofreading is for wussy liberal Democrats. And quotation marks are an appropriate replacement for every other typographic element -- italics, boldface, all other punctuation marks -- not to mention an ideal substitute for actual jokes.

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