Friday, August 15, 2008


Victor Davis Hanson yesterday:

The week's theme in the Obama campaign ... is that the real wealthy man, and hence elitist, is in fact McCain.... the left misses the point....

Even adroit spinners and handlers can't manufacture elitism; it is not necessarily connected with wealth. The very wealthy Bush no doubt was brought up in greater splendor than was Kerry; but fairly or unfairly, he was more at home at NASCAR and Texas than wind-surfing....

Yes, and (as I noted a couple of years ago) with posh $3,000-a-day porta-pottis:

Boasting amenities that range from tuxedoed attendants to brass fixtures and oak paneling, upscale portable restrooms are showing up everywhere from weddings to PGA tournaments to President Bush's ranch.

...Black Tie is among a handful of companies across the country that specialize in the restrooms, which from the outside look like plain white trailers.

The surprise is inside, where vanity mirrors, flushable toilets, full sinks, piped-in music, air conditioning and dishes of potpourri make the restrooms almost indistinguishable from those in a home or nice hotel.

... the trailer suites ... range from a couple of bathrooms to more than a dozen and average around $3,000 to rent ...

Yeah, I know: he's president. But even so, either he's set up his little getaway as an unpretentious, down-to-earth bit of ordinariness or he's using it as a faux-rustic backdrop for his actual lifestyle of fabulousness. He can't have it both ways.

(VDH link via Alicublog.)

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