Monday, August 25, 2008


I have to disagree with Ezra Klein about McCain picking Lieberman, not just for the obvious reason -- he's pro-choice -- but for the other obvious reason: he was actually endorsed by the Human Right Campaign in his last Senate race (yes, over Ned Lamont), and HRC says he had the pro-gay votes to earn that endorsement:

In the Human Rights Campaign's most recent scorecard ranking members of Congress on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, Sen. Lieberman scored an 88 percent and in the 107th, he scored a 100 percent. Additional scores follow: 100 percent (106th), 83 percent (105th), 89 percent (104th), 78 percent (103rd), 75 percent (102nd) and 90 percent (101st).

It doesn't matter that a lot of gay people and lefties thought that was a terrible endorsement -- he got it, and he has a voting record that seems to have merited it. (And this goes way back for him -- he got a gay rights bill through the Connecticut House in the 1970s.)

John McCain has been all over the map on gay marriage and civil unions, but Lieberman is going to seem way too far to the left on this for the GOP base, so I say it's not going to happen.

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