Tuesday, August 19, 2008


One more point about today's David Brooks column: If, as Brooks insists, John McCain went negative against Barack Obama with tremendous reluctance, and only as a recent response to the media's obsession with Obama, then, er, why was McCain running a negative campaign against Hillary Clinton back in the fall and winter?

In mid-January, I showed you this image from a (now-deleted) mock game show on McCain's Web site (click to enlarge):

That was a follow-up to his two hippie-bashing ads criticizing Hillary's support for the Woodstock museum, which appeared last November.

And let's not forget these ads that appeared on various political sites:

As I wrote at the time: "Hmmm, what do our reptile brains associate with crystal balls? Old crones who tell fortunes? The Wicked Witch of the West? Naaah, no sexism there."

Brooks today praised "McCain's long-running rebellion against the stupidity of modern partisanship." If he ever actually engaged in such a rebellion, he stopped doing so quite a while ago. In fact, he was running a negative partisan campaign before he'd even come close to winning his own party's nomination.

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