Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here's Joe Lieberman launching the latest McCain attack on Barack Obama's patriotism:

One of the McCain campaign's new themes, that Senator John McCain has always put his country first, has been seen by some analysts as a subtle suggestion that his opponent, Senator Barack Obama, has not.

But as he introduced Mr. McCain at a campaign event here on Tuesday, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut made the attack a lot more explicit, calling the election a choice "between one candidate, John McCain, who has always put the country first, worked across party lines to get things done, and one candidate who has not."...

I'll say what I said a couple of weeks ago: Barack Obama needs to tell the public that this gutter approach to politics will be America's problem if John McCain is elected president, because if he and his crowd campaign this way, they'll govern this way -- by dividing the country, questioning the patriotism of anyone who disagrees with them, and going into character-assassination mode whenever they're challenged.

Obama should say,

John McCain doesn't like it when I say he's running for Bush and Cheney's third term, but this is exactly what George Bush and Dick Cheney have done for eight years. Their attitude is "my way or the highway." They've turned America into a divided country: allies on the one hand, mortal enemies on the other -- and they think their enemies don't deserve the slightest bit of respect. If you question their policies, they say you're a traitor to your country, they say you hate America, they'll say you're the problem, just because you disagee.

Do we need four
more years of that? Every day, with every low-road attack, John McCain makes it abundantly clear that if we elect him president, that's exactly what we'll get.

This wouldn't just be a way for Obama to deflect criticism of himself. This is a fact. John McCain gives every indication that he will govern like a typical attack-dog Republican. Can you even remember the last time he took the high road?

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