Friday, August 04, 2006

Well, I'm sorry I'm going to miss any additional fun -- I'll be away from the blog until Sunday night -- but I think my good pal Randy at may have gotten nearly all of his poorly managed rage out of his system, after multiple virtually identical outraged comments here and here, and this neck-vein-straining post at his own blog. (If you don't feel like reading them all, I'll summarize: You liberal You liberal! You liberal! All you liberals are liars! You liberals! You liberals! You liberals! You liberals! Lying liberals! Lying liberals! Lying liberals! Lying liberals!)

And all because I had the nerve -- the nerve! to suggest that this Photoshopped Hillary Clinton he once posted is a tad racially charged:

But I'll let Randy have the last word:

My image has nothing to do with "black people".

Whatever you say, Randy.

See the rest of you Sunday.

Oh, and over in the Roger Ailes comment thread, in addition to all the other fine people who have my back (thanks!), Zudz unloads some very funny snark, round about comment #21.

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