Monday, August 28, 2006

She was an object of great sympathy: a pregnant woman shot at a Seattle Jewish center, apparently by a man named Naveed Haq.

But now she's said the wrong thing:

A woman wounded in last month's deadly shooting rampage at Seattle's Jewish Federation offices says she hopes the attack helps the public and lawmakers see a need for tighter gun control laws.

"How and why the murderer who invaded my workplace a couple of weeks ago was able to legally acquire two semiautomatic weapons in our state is still a very disturbing mystery to me," Dayna Klein, 37, said Thursday, seated next to her husband at a news conference in a downtown hotel....

And so it's open season on her at Free Republic:

Perhaps Ms. Klein hasn't heard the news: Hitler was in favor of gun control. It made it so much easier to wipe out the Jews.


What a stupid liberal twit.


Another victim displaying her wounds for the world.

I guess she is too stupid to realize that guns aren't the problem.....

I wonder if she will eventually play the race card....


WOW... Liberalism is indeed a Mental Disorder.


Being defenseless in the face of increasing criminal behavior everywhere sure makes this moonbat's whining persuasive.


And "when only criminals have guns", Dayna, how will that keep one or more of them from shooting you?

I know it takes high octane brain power to work through the previous question, but give it a try.


When civilized man determines he no longer has a need to fight, he will surely be killed or enslaved by the uncivilized that does.(Same said for the anti-gun pinheads)


...Her nervous joking makes me feel that she is growing comfortable with her gun-grabbing celebrity lifestyle....


...This is the same mentality that led to Auschwitz and which would empower Islamofascists to slaughter every Jew on the planet! The one thing you need to know about liberals, is that for them its never about the facts; its all about feelings.


... you're a hoplophobic'd never even occur to you to have a gun, much less use it to defend yourself and those around you. Better to call someone else with a gun to defend you-you hypocrite.

... I'd say that insanity or no, the gunman was correct - Dayna is pretty (expletive) stupid....

Just another day on the Right.

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