Friday, August 25, 2006


James Gerstenzang in the L.A. Times on the Kennebunkport leg of Bush's two-part summer vacation:

...Still, he returned to Walker's Point on Thursday for a four-day visit at his parents' home, drawn by family ties and family events into the web of his often-overlooked New England origins, generations deeper than his nearly six decades in Texas.

Although Bush grew up in Texas -- and the twang in his speech suggests generations of Texans behind him -- his family roots are in the Northeast: His grandfather represented Connecticut in the U.S. Senate. His father was born in Massachusetts. His mother was raised in a tony suburb of New York City. He was born in Connecticut....

Who overlooks this? Who doesn't know W. has New England roots? What is Gerstenzang talking about?

Is Gerstenzang giving us a glimpse into his own tendency to forget all this, or that of his colleagues in the lapdog White House press corps? Have they been fed the myth of ranch-ridin', brush-clearin' George for so long that they actually believe he had ancestors at the Alamo?

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