Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, I love this guy. He wants to stick it to the Islamofascist Man, so he's carved a huge Christian cross and a huge star of David into his land.

In Aroostook County, Maine.

Yeah, a lot of jihadists are going to see his symbols there, right?

Take that, Abdul!

The guy posted the photo at Free Republic, and now I think I understand what the guy at Free Republic's evil twin, Lucianne.com, is trying to do with his rather cryptic "Farm Team Infidel" shirts. I had been thinking that the shirt designer, and the people who've bought his shirts, were into the idea that they were a little cult talking to one another in double-super-secret code. But that's not really it -- what's really going on is that the T-shirt guy and the crop-circle symbol guy really, really want to offend Muslims ... from a nice, safe vantage point where there isn't the slightest possibility any Muslims will ever know what they're saying. The shirts will be worn in a few of Red America's whitest exurbs; the symbolsa will be seen only by real-life and online friends of the maker (and, I suppose, the occasional seagull). But man, if those ragheads only knew...!


*UPDATE: Descriptions of crop carvings corrected -- thanks, Mike in comments. Apologies for the many screw-ups this week....

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