Friday, August 11, 2006

Daniel Henninger on the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

That was unfortunate timing this week for the Lamont Democrats, declaring themselves officially the antiwar party within 24 hours of the Brits foiling an Islamic terror plot to spread thousands of U.S.-bound bodies across the North Atlantic, or perhaps across New York, Boston and Washington as the planes descended. Yes, we know; they support the war on terror but are merely against George Bush's war in Iraq. How does that work? is becoming increasingly fantastic to argue that Iraq, with its apparently limitless supply of suicide bombers, hasn't much to do with the terror threats manifest elsewhere.

Because, you see, after they blow themselves up in Iraq, they get reincarnated as the British children of Pakistani immigrants and plot to blow themselves up again! And Ned Lamont won't connect the dots!

Can America afford to elect such a dangerously naive man to the Senate? I think not.


I'm sorry, I missed Henninger's explanation:

Commencing a phased withdrawal from Iraq, as [anti-war Democrats] suggest, with the mission unfinished, in my view will cause suicide-bomber recruitment to skyrocket in a delirium of victory over the American infidels.

Oh, of course: that's what most inspires suicide bombers to want to kill Americans -- the absence of American troops on their soil. Everybody knows that, right?

(I'm being sarcastic, folks. Robert Pape wept.)

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