Monday, August 07, 2006


The New Republic's Peretz, writing for The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, has a laundry list of reasons why a Lamont victory would be The End Of Civilization As We Know It, but, yes, his first one is blood guilt:

We have been here before. Left-wing Democrats are once again fielding single-issue "peace candidates," and the one in Connecticut, like several in the 1970s, is a middle-aged patrician, seeking office de haut en bas, and almost entirely because he can. It's really quite remarkable how someone like Ned Lamont, from the stock of Morgan partner Thomas Lamont and that most high-born American Stalinist, Corliss Lamont, still sends a chill of "having arrived" up the spines of his suburban supporters simply by asking them to support him....

There's also this about Lamont:

He was a cable television entrepreneur, a run-of-the-mill contemporary commercant with unusually easy access to capital.

"Unusually easy access to capital"? This is the International WASP as a crypto-International Jew, a rootless cosmpolitan with a skill for accumulating cash that's in the blood. Peretz should be ashamed of himself for sinking this low.

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