Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, perfect:

Vice President Dick Cheney is finally getting the book-length biography treatment -- and he's playing along. We hear that the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes is hot on the case and plans to publish a bio titled, naturally enough, Cheney as early as next spring.... we hear Cheney, his staff, and friends are cooperating....

You remember Stephen Hayes -- he's the guy who's written eighty thousand different articles for the Standard (roughly) trying to make the case that Saddam and Osama really, really, really were working together. All this led to a book, The Connection, about which The New York Times said:

What Hayes ducks is the $130 billion question that should have been at the core of his book: whether a Hussein-bin Laden alliance was not merely conceivable, but so worrisome as to require a preventive war to stop it.

The failure to engage that question demonstrates a sort of prescientific thought process -- one that uses the tools of reason, but only to construct an unfalsifiable case for a foregone conclusion.

... Hayes cannot bear to let his pet theory fall by the wayside, whether it is borne out by the facts or not.

This guy and Cheney? It's a match made in heaven.

Wingnuts will lap Hayes's book up. Discerning readers may prefer this one instead.

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