Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh, good Lord:

Tom DeLay Speaks Out for Israel on the Tovia Singer Show
22:22 Jul 19, '06 / 23 Tammuz 5766

Former House Majority Leader and Congressman Tom DeLay speaks out on Israel's right to fight on the Tovia Singer Show.

Listen live at 10pm Wednesday, NY time, 5am Thursday Israel time at, or click here now to listen to IsraelNationalRadio live.

The Tovia Singer Show show can be heard live Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm EST, 5am Israel time the following morning. Or listen to the show on Demand at

What's up with that? Has he thrown in his lot with (or decided to pander to) the Christian Zionists?

Whaever he's doing, it sure seems as if he's collecting allies. For what exactly does he think he's going to use these allies in the future?

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