Sunday, July 16, 2006


Most of you probably won't be able to sit through this entire video, but I especially love the fact that when the song comes to the lines "Now there are those among us who want to push Him [God] out" (at around 1:40), we get two shots of burning American flags. This is really how red-staters think -- not only do they think we evil libs are trying to rid America of religion, but they think flag-burning is part of that process. They think flag-burning is against God, that the American flag is a symbol of Jesus Christ. Lincoln wept.

(This video looks homemade, but it's making the rounds, e.g., at The song is from the very successful country act Diamond Rio. By the way, is it just me, or has country radio turned into America's version of those Middle Eastern music shops that do most of their business selling CDs of songs about jihad? Whenever I hit a country song on the radio, it's either about God 'n' country like this one or some ode to living an ordinary life in apparent defiance of hip coastal liberal totalitarianism....)

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