Monday, July 10, 2006

By the way, I see that it's possible for people with dual loyalties to gather in large numbers in America, wrap themselves in foreign flags, and sing foreign national anthems while cheering on a foreign sports team without certain loudmouths warning that it means America is being conquered from within -- and this is true even when some of the fifth columnists are displaying their treasonous true colors in Southern California:

Italy's World Cup victory would be celebrated in San Diego's Little Italy with three times the passion in Rome, Massimo Seracini wrote to his friends back home before the game yesterday.

“It is because we are far away from our beloved country,” said Seracini, a 40-year San Diego resident, who was among an estimated 15,000 people who packed into a block on India Street yesterday....

"This is a tradition in Italy,” said Seracini, who sang the national anthem for the crowd at the start of the game. “In this same moment, all major Italian squares are filled with people watching the game. It's a national thing. It's more than Fourth of July. You find a sense of belonging here.”

The block party, organized by the Little Italy Association, was hurriedly put together in three days. This was after Frank Busalacchi, whose family owns a handful of establishments on India Street, raised $15,000 in two days to cover the cost of the celebration by going from restaurant to restaurant along the street....

As the Italian team was presented its trophy on TV, Busalacchi and his friends paraded the street with a huge Italian flag, chanting for the last time, “Italia! Italia!”

Call James Sensenbrenner! Call Tom Tancredo! This is an outrage!

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