Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gosh, I'm so happy that there's chatter about putting Jeb Bush on the 2008 GOP ticket in the #2 slot. Look at the fine people Jeb appoints:

Following some controversial remarks on radio about Muslims, the Rev. O'Neal Dozier, a Gov. Jeb Bush appointee, resigned from a panel responsible for nominating judges in Broward County.

Dozier said Monday he was asked to step down from the nine-member Judicial Nominating Commission after he characterized Islam as a "cult" on a radio show.

Dozier, pastor of the World Wide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach, also called Islam "a dangerous religion" Friday on the The Steve Kane Radio Show.

Dozier took to the airwaves to talk about why he and a group of Pompano Beach ministers didn't want a mosque built in the community....

I don't know what Reverend Dozier's favorite Bible passage is, but it certainly isn't "Blessed are the meek":

Dozier said he didn't want to resign.

"A recent event related to my work, which I have been called by God to perform, appears to have offended a few, while others have chosen to use this issue to further their agendas of political correctness," Dozier wrote in his resignation letter....

"I am entitled to my views and opinions and they do not reflect the governor's views," said Dozier, who plans to lead a 6 p.m. protest today at Pompano Beach City Hall.

Dozier isn't an even-tempered guy who suddenly went supernova. Jeb's appointee has been a loose cannon for some time. 2003:

"We must teach Christians that they should vote for political candidates that follow the biblical positions on the political issues," says O'Neal Dozier, who founded the Worldwide Christian Center in 1985 in Pompano Beach. He instructs conference-goers: "The major political issues that you should teach the biblical positions on are abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, income tax of citizens, affirmative action, right to bear arms, and public school prayer."...

Dozier expounds on a few "issues at large." Homosexuality is clearly foremost in his mind. Quoting from the Old Testament book of Leviticus, he declares that it is "an abomination," which he defines as "something so nasty and disgusting that it makes God want to vomit."

... God, however, found a way to punish the homosexuals through HIV-AIDS, he says. "It is a type of judgment for such a sin as this one, homosexuality."

Then there's the matter of the death penalty.

"Listen, God is 100 percent for capital punishment," Dozier pronounces slowly and emphatically. "Oh, yeah, God knew some were going to slip through, a few innocent ones. He knew that. But you cannot have a society without capital punishment." ...


...The Miami Daily Business Review reported Jan. 8 that Broward Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC) member O'Neal Dozier has asked several candidates for Broward County judgeships inappropriate questions about their religious beliefs, such as whether they attend church and are "God-fearing."...

In addition to grilling candidates about religion, Dozier has also been accused of questioning judicial candidates about their personal lives and their stands on controversial social issues. One woman said she was asked whether she could balance her duties as a single mother of twins with her duties as a judge. Another candidate was asked his opinions on the Supreme Court's decision last summer that overturned a Texas sodomy law.

According to the Miami Daily Business Review, Dozier said such questions are appropriate. "I am totally against that ruling," he told the newspaper. "We cannot have a judge who feels sodomy is OK."

... According to the ... article, Dozier said, "There is no such animal as separation of church and state in the Constitution."...

May 2006:

A reverend who introduced Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist during a breakfast with other pastors Monday said the Lord came to him in a dream two years ago and told him Crist would be the state's next governor.

The Rev. O'Neal Dozier said that before the dream he did not know Crist, nor had Crist made known his plans to run for governor.

"The Lord Jesus spoke to me and he said 'There's something I want you to know,'" said Dozier, pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach. "'Charlie Crist will be the next governor of the state of Florida.'"

Since then, Dozier has spent time with Crist and talked with him at length about policy. He told the group that Crist would be uncompromising in his Christian faith....

Oh yeah, I really want Jeb a heartbeat away from the presidency.

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