Sunday, July 23, 2006

The New York Dolls have reformed after three decades and have a new album out:

...The new record's best song, "Dance Like a Monkey," is a rock 'n' roll answer to a timely theological question. Trying to woo a "pretty creationist," the singer invites her onto the dance floor. "Evolution is so obsolete," Mr. Johnansen shouts like a leering old bluesman. "Got to stomp your hands and clap your feet." ...

Oh, no -- is John Miller of National Review going to misread these lyrics and revise his conservative rock song list?

(Watch the "Dance Like a Monkey" video here. Fun song, fun video, not pro-creationism or intelligent design. Bonus: Cheney going nutso with a gun [relax, it's a cartoon].)


UPDATE: I should have warned you about the David Johansen picture in the first link, which might frighten pets and small children.

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