Wednesday, November 16, 2005


As you know, the GOP is desperate to get Katherine Harris out of the Florida Senate race; she's polling 17 points behind Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson (or is that 24 points?) --and now this story emerges:

...Back in 2001, when citrus canker was blighting the [Florida citrus] crop and threatening to reduce that vital source of revenue, an interesting -- if not quite scientific -- alternative was considered.

Katherine Harris, then Florida's secretary of state -- and now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives -- ordered a study in which, according to an article by Jim Stratton in the Orlando Sentinel, "researchers worked with a rabbi and a cardiologist to test 'Celestial Drops,' promoted as a canker inhibitor because of its ‘improved fractal design,' ‘infinite levels of order,' and ‘high energy and low entropy.'"

The study determined that the product tested was, basically, water that had apparently been blessed according to the principles of Kabbalic mysticism, "chang[ing] its molecular structure and imbu[ing] it with supernatural healing powers."...

That's what we love about Republicans -- they just hate wasteful government spending....

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