Thursday, November 03, 2005


I guess it's OK now to compare the Bush administration to the worst dictators of modern times, as long as you say that borrowing the tactics those tyrants used is a good thing:

The Good Gulag

We expect our government to go all-out to prevent another 9-11. So the news we're holding dozens of al-Qaida terrorists in secret overseas compounds where they can be interrogated effectively is good indeed....

More than 100 suspected terrorists may be detained in these prisons, including some 30 key al-Qaida inmates confined to isolated conditions. Some of the latter group are housed in a former Soviet-era prison compound in Eastern Europe -- undoubtedly part of the infamous Gulag and the slave-labor camp systems that extended throughout the Soviet Union and into Eastern Europe....

Clearly, it's a wartime innovation for which architects in the Bush administration and the intelligence community are to be commended....

In weeks and months to come, accusations against the White House regarding the supposed unmasking of the CIA's Valerie Plame are going to abound. We'd do well to remember that in the immediate aftermath of a barbaric attack on our homeland, this administration knew the best place to keep rabid terrorists: the Gulag.

Yeah, so what if we can't demonstrate that many of these prisoners are "rabid terrorists," or are terrorists at all? So what if some of them can't be "interrogated effectively" anymore because previous interrogations killed them? Hope those jackboots taste good, fellas.

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