Tuesday, November 01, 2005

From Scotland's Daily Record:

THE son of a 7/7 suicide bomb victim will shun a memorial service today because he blames Tony Blair for his dad's death.

Families of those killed in the London terrorist atrocities will join the Prime Minister, the Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury and representatives of the emergency services for the service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Seven-year-old Ruby Gray - whose dad Richard was killed in the Aldgate blast - will present the Queen with a posy.

But her brother Adam, 11, refuses to attend because he thinks Blair made London a terror target by going to war on Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

Adam's mum Louise, from Ipswich - who will be at the service - said: "He doesn't want to be part of anything that has Tony Blair there.

"He is very angry with the bombers but he also blames the war and the Government." ...

Let's see: What do you suppose would happen to this kid if he lived in America? Would GOP opposition researchers be digging up details of embarrassing confrontations with bullies in the gym locker room and peddling them to the Drudge Report and talk radio? Would Free Republic and Lucianne.com members be discovering his e-mail and home address and launching a cyberstalking and harassment campaign against him?

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