Monday, November 28, 2005

If right-wingers get to freak out over the appearance of an X on Dick Cheney's face for 1/15th of a second during a live CNN broadcast, I think I have the right to complain about this at Time magazine's Web site:

After a break of 13 months, President Bush returns this week to frank partisan politicking with a trio of GOP fund-raising stops. Aides say those events are simply a prelude to a heavy schedule in support of Republican candidates for next year's midterm congressional elections. And Bush advisers point proudly to his campaign schedule as proof that PLENTY of Republicans are happy to be seen with the President....

"PLENTY" is in all capital letters? What's up with that?

Don't tell me it's a glitch! Don't tell me it's a typo! It's editorializing! It's pro-Bush media bias! There should be an investigation! Heads should roll! The MSM needs to be destroyed!

Gee, that was kinda fun.

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